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Welcome to Hackney GT.

Where serious cycle apparel meets London's east end with a bang. New designs are always on  the way.  Latest in is Jockey Red long sleeve and Floro jacket.  Our race team continues to grow and theer 5 top 10 fisnhers in the UK Eastern Cyclo-Cross League.  There are a few events already lined up for the 2014 including berlinerfahrradschau.de show in March in Berlin.  Bespoke and the London Coffee Festival in London in Apri  the London Nocturne in May.  More news on the them shortly.  Please join ourt maling list to be kept updated

About Us.

Hackney GT has been birthed out of Russ Jones passion for cycling,  a  keen eye for fashion and trends, a quirky edge and a love of music from around the world.

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